All members of the board are parents of children attending our school. We are happy to be involved for the benefit of the Charles Dickens Europa School and of our/your children. For direct contact with us, please send an email:, or come to meet us personally. The board meeting takes place every Thursday between 8.00 am and 9.00 am in House 2 ground floor. All members of the board are happy to answer any questions you might have.

We are:

Michael Möbius (chairman) – 4euA
Maria Schulz (treasurer) – 2euB
Lum Asongwe – 4euA, 6euA
Thomas Braun – 5euA
Ian Claydon – 1euB
Frank Effenberger (headmaster)
Anastasiya Fedorova – 2euB
Christina Ganea – 4euB
Tine Haas – 5euA
Hans Jankowski
Sheridan Johns – 5euB
Stephan Paulus – 5euA
Eve Seebeck – 6euC
Jana Wendtland – 5euB

Special representatives:

Choir coordinator: Yamei Yu, Wolfram Rieger