Native Speaker November Update

Michael G:

The work with the 6th grade is going very well on the Newspaper articles. 4euB is also partaking and working at home and on their free time to create articles of our work. We worked on our Bike school class trip and our Medieval Feast. Our plans next month are the cooking adventures and our Holiday celebration.

4euA and 4euB have been making very good progress in the typing class and working with Razz kids  (a reading and quiz program).  But of course, as always cooking is the king! Pancakes went over so well we decided to continue and made many variations that the teachers also enjoyed!

4euB said goodbye to our Medieval topic lesson and finished off with their own personal Crests.

In Art we had a beautiful water friendly collage which was hung outside of our classroom.

In 5euC we have been doing a lot of Science. Including the Solar System, Volcanoes and the creation of Earth. Hats off to Mr. Cole!


Crazy Tracey:

The month of November was pretty sweet. It started with class 5eub helping with their English classwork. I went with Frau. McClean and 6eua to a studio to record poems written by them. Class 2a continues to learn vocabulary with pictures and games. Basketball is finally picking up.



Boys Football
The 6th and some 5th class took part in the  Felderunde Tournament and managed to qualify for the semi final round. Unfortunately this took place when the 6th class had a workshop trip already planned and we could not take part.
We were invited to take part in a rerun of the schools european tournament which was washed out last summer with a thunderstorm. This time we played inside. The second and third classes played together and only lost in penalty shoot out for a place in the final.
The fourth and fifth classes also did very well coming 2nd in there group of 7  making the finals and finishing 4th in the end out of 14 teams. The  boys enjoyed the day and all played well.  Well done !
We now look forward to our next tournament the Drumbo Cup- The largest Grundschule tournament in Germany!
The children have now got to know me and all are now speaking and trying to speak english with me without being embarrassed . It is very encouraging that even those less proficient are trying . We have been doing Art together and this is an easy way to get all the children to explain their paintings to me and to get them talking !
Knowing the  weather will soon change we have been spending as much time outside as possible playing games. This also coincided with the finishing of the butterfly project and the releasing of the butterflies so they could use the weather on their migration to Africa.
Tons of November fun was had by the Charles Dickens folding brigade! We churned out  crazy emogi headgear, throwable ninja  stars, pokeballs and a model of Star Wars own BB8! Now we can’t wait for the Christmas ornament tsunami we will unleash in December, starting at the Christmas fair!
While the younger girls have been preparing for their next tournaments in December and January, the year 5 girls traveled all the way across Berlin to compete in a fierce tournament. Aside from one team, which was clearly superior, all the other teams were broadly at the same level, which made for some very tense and exciting games. Our girls rose to the challenge and played some of the best football that I have seen from them yet. In the end, we were only denied third place because the previously mentioned best team threw their last game and thus handed the third place to another team (against whom we had previously won). Alas, so it goes sometimes in sports. In any case, the girls were justifiably happy with their performance, and so we were all in high spirits on the long way back to our corner of Berlin.
The traveling donkeys continue to pass through the school during the weekly art club. the last weeks we worked and played with the “Japanese Donkey” children were invited to take the white donkey around the school to find contexts , places and create situations for the donkey. We made photos and portraits under supervision with my camera, the children were allowed to choose subjects and make portraits of themselves.

The previous donkey (black no name ) now has a name after the children’s grand name draw… it called LEMON

Lemon has been in Arizona after traveling in a suit case to Chicago and later to the desert  (being stuffed with pillows from the hotel ) most of our conversations have revolved around art practice in general names , and ideas bout travel , home and backgrounds.