Native Speaker Update January 2018

Crazy Tracey:

January was a pretty good month. Class 2a loves learning English with games and music. Mr. Campbell’s class are a nice group of students that like learning and writing stories. They had some time in a studio to read stories. Basketball and wave boarding is becoming more and more popular. The kids love it.


The Origami Club started 2018 in style with Star Wars! The school padawans enthusiastically folded squadrons of X Wings, U Wings, Tie Fighters and Millenium Falcons- then of course some Imperial Star Destroyers and Death Stars so they had somebody’s butt to kick. For our non Jedi friends there were lovely big lotuses and valentines! Due to popular demand Star Wars and Valentines will continue after the winter break.



Our year 3 girls, unfortunately, had their football tournament canceled this January, due to a water leakage in the sports hall where it was supposed to take place. The girls were understandably devastated, considering all the hard work they had been putting into their training in preparation for it. But we will be trying to organize a replacement tournament for them.

In other news, we have once again been invited to take part in the Integration durch Sport girls’ football world cup this year. The opening ceremony will be in March, and after their stellar performance there last year, our Afrika AG has once again been invited to perform a dance routine for it.
Typing is going very well in the 4euA/B classes the kids are picking up quickly!Not unexpected is how much they love to cook. I have also started a program for 2A.
The newspaper is going very well, my volunteers are working hard on English articles and events we did.