Native Speaker Update May!

In year 5 science we have been introducing microscopes as a new topic. This has, as always, been popular with the learners! We have just been learning the different parts of the microscope and learning to focus at different magnifications.
Year 6 Science had finished the forces topic with some amazing an innovative project presentations. The groups had design a small demonstration  of their force and present it to the group.
The international picnic was a lot of fun and we didn’t let the rain dampen our spirits. I was running the animal face painting and we saw some great critters that day 🙂
Crazy Tracey:
The month of May was short and sweet! The international picnic was very nice. I had the pleasure of taking the chess team to their very first tournament and they came in 3rd place out of 15 teams. BANG! Class 5uA had a class trip and they had the chance to make solar go carts. English classes were fun as usual and the basketball club is still fun to do.
Well we may not have been here much in May, but boy, did we pack in a lot of action! We started with the month’s indoor origami activity, Patterns and Bells. We made our own patterned paper with rubber stamps and colored ink, then we folded the paper into traditional Japanese peace cranes, and THEN we strung the cranes on gold cord, with a bell or gemstone at the end. It was a big hit at the international fair!
Our outdoor activity is my signature giant soap bubble project. You have probably seen , if not been slimed by us at the school entrance.(slimed is correct englsh because ghostbusters is always right)
If anyone is interested in learning my simple soap bubble recipe, or making their own bubble sticks, feel free to talk to me or drop by the kitchen in house 1 Tuesday, or Thursday between 14:30 and 14:45 when I make the formula. You can also write to me at Ich kann Dinglisch.
Yes a short month but filled with lots of activity!  We went to a football tournament …amazing! 50 kids Nigel, Mike and Michael.
Typing is finished but I still have all the 4th graders in at lunch time. It is a hit.
3euA and 3euB are doing incredible work in rt and Topic not to mention the thrill of cooking during free time!