Native Speaker Update October

Michael G:

The school high lite of cooking is on again! Pancakes were the theme and may be carried over into November as they are the bomb! Of course everyone on free time pops past the kitchen for what ever is left-usually nothing. 4euA is going crazy with the computer time they really enjoy it. 4euB is doing well in Medieval topic lessons and have improved in their reading out loud skills. We also went the bike course for an almost 5 hour program training. They are also enjoying the computer work during the lunch club.



“October is the Origami Club was and explosion of spooky fun. From our new home in the lobby of house one, huge numbers of giggling folders were able to create bats and pumpkins and ghosts and skulls and scary eyeballs-not to mention giving Handi, our popular dismembered arm mascot, lots of Halloween High Fives! Kudos to the first year students, who overcame thier nervousness and made such good friends with Handi. He looks forward to high fiving everyone next year!”


Mike: September/October report.

The beginning of the school year has also marked a new beginning for our girls football program. Our year 3 team played their first ever tournament, and our year 5 team had their first real go at playing in a tournament at the highest age level of primary school football.

Let’s start with the year 3s: As this was their first tournament ever, and has we had only been training with them for a few weeks prior to the tournament, it was clear that the purpose of this tournament was for them to get to learn the ropes, to see what it is like to play in a tournament, and to have some fun. Furthermore, we were playing in the year 3/4 bracket, and since we did not have any year 4s, this meant that our teams were the youngest there. Nonetheless, driven on by the fans who came to support us in what was also our first ever home tournament at the Charles Dickens School, our girls beat all expectations, with one of the teams even reaching 3rd place.

Our year 5 girls were facing a similar challenge. As most of the year 6s would be going to a football camp over the autumn holiday, we decided to use this tournament to give our year 5 girls a shot at their first real tournament in the year 5/6 bracket. Of course this again meant that we were fielding two of the youngest teams at the tournament. Nonetheless, our girls fought hard and did well. In the end, given a couple of draws where we should have won, we were unlucky to only reach 5th place out of 12. Nonetheless, their performance is giving us a lot to look forward to in future tournaments.

On a final note, let me remind anyone who reads this, that all girls are welcome to join the native speakers football club. If you know any girls who are interested in playing football, just tell them to come along during the lunch break on Tuesdays and to bring some sports shoes. In particular, we are looking for girls from year 4.


Stephan:  September/October

Getting To Know You.. The first few weeks at Charles Dickens have been principally a mixture of spontaneous encounters with children and staff , introductions on both sides coupled with finding my way in and around the school.

Many of the children were  intrigued and bemused by the arrival of a “Travelling Donkey ” in their midst. The travelling donkey is a textile sculpture (one of 14) that travels the world principally from homes and schools. Children have been roaming the playground

talking about the project with myself ( The donkey has acted as a go-between allowing allowing us to bridge themes such as migration , home and art practices outside the galleries and museums.

Afternoons have been engaged  working alongside my gregarious and ebulliant collegue Christine. Sessions have involved origami halloween preparations and general conversation with  the children in an atmosphere of revelry and handicraft.
During the course of the month , I have begun a project to find a name for the donkey . Children have been invited to write down and discuss their suggestions on slips of paper , which have been gradually accumulating in the donkeys cloth bag belly. A pupil will select a name  during a “Grand Draw ” to be heldduring the Lunch club at the beginning of term. For pupils and Parents who wish to become hosts to the donkey , I will make it available to take home for children to their homes for a night or so ( On condition It comes back to school at the designated time) I will make available a roster / timetable for anyone wishing to get involved.


Nigel: September/October

1EuA Good start to the year with a great new class. We have been getting to know one another in lessons and in free time and making that important step of the kids being comfortable in talking to me in English with out any problems. I have been reading with the children and in story time setting a level that they understand.

3euA. In lessons I have been helping with the butterfly project including bringing in hundreds of catterpillers to the butterfly garden that invaded my vegetable patch at home ! In the little free time that we have had together so far I have been drawing and teaching a few magic tricks which some kids are fascinated to work out.


We have now settled into a routine on Mondays and Wednesdays playing short games in the lunchtimes. We have a few tournaments starting in the near future and we are currently picking school teams … from 2nd to 6th classes… So if you are interested in playing for the school team Come along !!!