Native Speaker Update September

Michael G:

The school year has started smoothly. In 4euA we have been doing different activities and computer in free time. In 4euB we started our medieval projects and research projects in Topic. I have also been reading with the children and correcting grammar.  We have also started our bike course.Computer is very popular with all the students through out the school so sometimes we are more than packed! All in all a great start.



We are off to a great start in the origami club this year! We have moved downstairs in house one to the picnic tables in front of house one, so we could test the mountains of paper planes we folded. When the weather gets cooler we will move into the lobby. We are there Wednesday and Thursdays from 14.20-15:45 and Fridays at lunchtime, from 11.30-12.30, and then upstairs in house 2 from 14.00- 15.45 There is no sign up and all ages are welcome.

In an unprecidented turn of events, our welcome gift to the first year classes, minion paper roll models,has swept upward to the 3rd year students, as has our collection of pokemon models so we really really need everyone to bring in thier paper ( towels and toilet )rolls!
Crazy Tracey:
The month of September was very sweet to come back to. Class 5euB is an awesome class. Very nice working with them, helping with their English and also working with Mr. Campbell. He’s awesome too. We also got the chance to learn how to fry chicken wings and fries. It turned out very good and they most certainly would love to do it again in the future. Class 2A are a very sweet and busy bunch of students that loves to learn English through games.  I enjoyed them also. Ok, that was my month of September. BANG!! BANG!!!
Mike & Stephan: See October