Chess and Science Clubs

We are proud to announce the addition of two new clubs to our Lunchtime Activities program:

Chess Club
Year 2 & 3 on Thursday
Year 4 & 5 on Wednesday
Speak to Judy for more information

Science (experiment) Club
Exclusively for Year 1 on Monday
Speak to Red for more information

With these additions the Lunchtime activities are more diverse and plentiful than ever before. Have a look at the full lineup:

Monday Boys football, years 2 – 4 with Nigel, Shane
Monday Homework/Computer, year 5 with Debby
Monday Experiment Club, year 1 with Red
Tuesday Girls football, years 2 – 6 with Debby, Shane
Wednesday Wave boarding with Tracey
Wednesday Boys football, years 5 & 6 with Nigel, Shane
Wednesday Chess Club, years 4-6 with Judy
Thursday Homework/Computer, year 6 with Debby
Thursday Craft Club with Tracey
Thursday Chess Club, years 2 & 3 Judy
Friday Slack lining with Heather
Friday Movement games with Heather