Q: I’ve lost the banking instructions. Where do I transfer the ‘Mitgliedsbeitrag’?

Dickens Förderkreis zur Zweisprachigen Erziehung e.V.
IBAN:         DE72100700240103903100
Bank name:     Deutsche Bank

Don’t forget to mention the name of your child and his/her class!

Q: What does the Board earn from the Förderkreis?

Nothing at all! We are all committed parents who also have jobs and a private life, but we  gladly get involved to help our children. By the way, you can meet and get to know us every Thursday in Haus II ground floor from 8am to 9am, or email us.

Q: My child is already in year 5 and I believe he/she speaks good English.  Why should I pay, as my child is soon moving on to the Schiller-Gymnasium?

It is all about solidarity and equal opportunity. The Native Speakers also offer their projects and support in years 5 and 6, and it’s not only in years 1-4 where there is a deficiency of spoken English.  The Förderkreis provides, schedules and finances English language support for the entire Primary School from year 1 to year 6; children in all years benefit from this support.

Q: Native Speakers? Have I seen any of those people?

You probably bring your children at 07.50 in the morning and collect them after 4.00 pm so, unless you’re in the classes and in the school during the regular school day, you won’t see them very often. The Natives’ task is to support the children during playtime as well as in the classrooms, so you will probably spot them at the end of the day when you collect your kid/s.

Q: Isn’t the library a school matter?  Why does it have to be financed by the Förderkreis?

The library with its English media is a project launched and funded by the Förderkreis.  Apart from occasional sponsoring (such as Charlie’s Run, Book Week), our library and librarians have to be financed by the parents of the Europa school.  Why? Ask the Berlin Senate.

Q: I’m not employed at present. Is there any possibility for some concession on the Förderkreis fee?

One beer costs roughly 4.30 euro – averaged over a month, the fee for your child  does not is less than half a dozen good beers. We believe that our children are worth this investment. Having said that, families with ‘Lernmittelbefreiung’ (or other forms of proof) can of course obtain a discount. Talk to us privately! Email us at vorstand@dickens-foerderkreis.org or visit on Thursdays between 8.00am and 9.00am.

Q: I have forgotten to register and join. Is it too late for my child this year?

No. Register now (you can download the Application Form here).  You can join anytime. We are looking forward to it.