Native Speaker News 2019

Crazy Tracey:

The month of January& February was very nice. (in spite of the strike) Mr. Campbell’s class is currently reading Charles Dickins books. I find the book very interesting to read as well. The waveboarding activity is always a smash.


 In Lesson time I have been doing a lot of individual reading with the children getting the slower ones up to speed and the more advanced reading with more intonation. When the weather is not so good we have been playing games inside, but when ok we’ve been getting outing playing some football and Frisbeeeeeeeeee ! Storytime during snack is ever popular ending with a vote on the book like/ Ok / bad !
1 eu A
Again lots and lots of reading!
The 2nd 3rd and 4th class slots are very popular with an overcrowded gym every Monday. All welcome.
With the 5th and 6th class a very disappointing ending to the Drumbo Cup. After qualifying for the area final half the team was not allowed to go as they had a film trip . ( Wrong priorities!!??) I hope those left still had a good day! Our next tournament is one for non club players….so If you’re interested, come and see me !!
Michael G:
The newspaper is going very well! We had 6 articles in the paper, the kids are loving being in charge of the English part.  As always, cooking is king! We made homemade pizzas and also baguettes.
3euA reading is going great! The improvement is very exciting. In Topic we worked on our magnet projects. Art had a Winter theme. 3euB is also doing out loud reading. We did painting projects in Art. In Topic we had a variety of themes. We also made a gingerbread house.
In 4A I assist with English class and during the past two months, we have been studying Scotland. The teacher is a joy to work with and the children in her class are rapidly excelling in their English. In 3A I have been working with children individually that are having a hard time keeping up in their English lessons. With  4euA I have enjoyed getting to know all the children through their reading and typing class, and soon will begin gardening with them as well! Dance Club is up and running with kids from the classes I assist! They’ve been teaching me as many cool moves as I have been teaching them!
We’ve had a busy and fun time in the Travel Club the past few months. The students have gotten very creative, and some are even making small booklets with travel themes. I really enjoy the great conversations and getting to know so many students!