Pasta month was a huge success, with more and more students wanting to sign up each week. We tried 4 different types of pasta and 3 different sauces each week. Freshly baked bread was also included.

3euA has been very active in Reading out loud and improving nicely. We have also mastered the wash technique with the paintings in Art. Magnets are on the agenda for topic lessons!

4euA is busy with the Christmas play rehearsals so our typing has taken a temporary back seat.

3euB is almost finished with the Advents Tree calendars, should be very exciting as we kick off on December 3rd! We also had our Butterfly test to round off the topic lesson.


2euA : In English Lessons …..Reading Reading Reading! With Mrs. Mayer we have been with both the German and English sides taking individuals and groups out to read. Not only with the slower readers but ‘Fine tuning’ the more competent.  In Freetime weather permitting I have been outside with the boys playing football. We have now started on Christmas Craftwork…
1Eu B I’m now joining Ms. Reid’s class for a couple of lessons a week to help with the English lesson.
Football: The two lunchtime football sessions are very popular! So much so the school so the school needs a bigger Gym !!! To help with the crush I have been trying to get outside with the 2nd class in free time as the Monday session for 2/3/4 years was too crowded and too big an age difference.
The 6th class has been taking part in the Berlin Schools Felde Runde and have managed to qualify for the next round thanks to a super last-minute goal from William!
November Magic 2018  was one of our best projects ever! I am officially declaring a yearly November Magic Project from now until the end of time!! We made super fancy magic wands, and learned how to cast spells with them!! We colored posters from the new Harry Potter movie! We made dragons and unicorns and flying horses!! Golden snitches and lovely white owls!  It was a huge sparkly wonderful mess! Thank heavens I brought the plastic table clothes! I also think we set some kind of record for glue sticks used up in one day! Who knew Charles Dickens had so many serious  Potterheads!! EXPECTO PATRONUS!!!

November was a blast. It felt good being back in Mr.Cambell class. Class 6euA is a very cool group of students. Very smart and inquisitive. Same for 6euB.

Wakeboarding was a lot of fun this month. Students of all ages come. Mostly girls but, they most certainly enjoying the time.
I had a great time doing the Travel Club this month! I really enjoy hearing about all of the interesting places the students have been and where they want to go next!