October Native Speaker Update


Halloween in the Origami Club was the usual really big deal- I broke out my witch costume and we made big spooky mountains of skulls and bats and ghosts and pumpkins! And a new batch of the first year made friends with Handy the severed arm, who teaches them Halloween high fives, and explains that the scary things you see on Halloween AREN’T REAL!


Michael G.:

Pizza baguettes and garden salads were the hit of October cooking. Everyone was very happy, and some teachers too!

The newspaper went very well. The 3euA wrote stories about our Butterfly project with photographs. They also penned a story about the Irish trip, it was quite the adventure, also with photographs.

Reading out loud has really improved, everyone is doing very well. Typing with 4euA is taking off, many are extremely good with few or no mistakes.


The Travel Club got off to a great start in October! Don’t be surprised if your kids come home with postcards they made showing far-off places!


October was a short quick month with only one school week for me due to the school holidays and being away working on the Berlitz School Holiday Camps. It was great to work closely with Mrs Rollys 4euA English Class, Lunch Club in the Garden whilst we still had the amazing weather and Science with 5euB finalising the folders before submitting them.