This is our team of Native Speakers for the term 2017/18:

ChristineWell hello there! My name is Christine Lyons, and I have been a Native Speaker for 6 years at this school. Time flies when you´re having fun! I am a native Californian born in Los Angeles in 1961. As a Native Speaker in classes 1 – 4 , I have been doing all kinds of stuff, such as running Dungeons and Dragons Campaigns for the older children, doing papercraft projects, including origami and paper models of various Manga film and cartoon characters with the younger ones. I sometimes teach the kids chess, where they proceed to beat the pants off of me.

CharlieHi, my name is Charlie and I was born in Melbourne, Australia. My parents are from Lebanon so I lived in Beirut for the first half of my life before finally relocating to Australia. I have many interests and talents to share, ranging from music (singing and performing), writing (creative and technical), reading (fiction and academic) and laughing (out loud and alone). I am currently writing a PhD proposal in social and environmental theory, comparative literature and rhetoric. I usually get headaches after spending hours studying in the library, which is why I love working with children.

gillian125I am Gillian Berridge-Schulz, Your children will probably recognize me as being the one that is always asking for “quiet” and reminding them that their books are overdue! I was born in Ascot, England but have lived for over 30 years in different parts of Germany. Our two daughters attended the Dickens school, so I am familiar with the school from a “parents perspective” and a “work perspective”. Last time I was here I also worked as a Native Speaker!In the past I have taught English as a foreign language to adults and children (primary and secondary level). My hobbies are; reading, Zumba, horse-riding, walking and exploring interesting places in Berlin.

michaelHi, I am Michael and from Manhattan, New York City. I have been working at the school since 2011 and enjoyed every minute. My background is in Television and Radio Production with a Spanish minor. I came to Europe with the first European tour of Cats and have been involved in many Theater Productions, including Beauty and the Beast, Elisabeth, Pirates of Penzance to name a few. I have also performed on Broadway and in three US National tours. This year I was invited to be the Native Speaker Coordinator which has been a lot of fun. I can spend more time with all the children, which I really enjoy.

Hi, I grew up in Berlin to German and American parents and have spent a lot of time in England. I’m a bit of a geek, so I enjoy running the science clubs at the school. But I also enjoy a wide range of activities with the kids, from reading books through to gardening and sports. I am currently studying to become a teacher at the University of Potsdam.

Hi, I am Nigel Bedwell! School days are the best days of your life. So I’ve come back for a ‘second helping’! I started as a Native Speaker at the school when I came to Berlin and thought it would be a temporary job but found that I enjoying working with the children and have been at the school for close to ten years now. I believe the Förderkreis program is a great way of encouraging English in a relaxed atmosphere and to do this I try to find something that each child finds entertaining and fun and thus speaks without any pressure.

Hello Everybody, I’m Tracey Duncan better known as Crazy Tracey! I come from Philadelphia, Pa. in the U.S. but I’ve been living in Berlin for quite some time now. When I’m not teaching English, my main job is being a musician. I play drums and sing all over the world. I love working with children, giving positive energy and showing them the true meaning of BANG!! My favorite word is BANG!!! I say the word for many positive things but it means: Believe And Never Give up!!! Whatever you choose to do in your future, in life believe and never give up in doing it!!! BANG!!