Update on Native Speaker classroom work

Here is a brief summary of our in-class activities and projects during September 2013.

Over the last few weeks, the native speakers have been getting to know the children who are new to the school. They read books to the kids in the afternoons and have been playing games to encourage them to use their English.

1euC, 2euA &2euB
This year we have had an extended getting to know you period with a native speaker’s game room, where we had lots of cool games like ‘don’t spill the beans’ set up on various tables. My son loaned us his awesome marble roller coaster where you build a roller coaster track! I have also been playing San Francisco Monopoly with the older children, which has proved very popular. We have developed a fantastic giant soap bubble recipe, and have been doing that as well when the weather permits!

3euA & 3euB
We have had a few projects going on so far this month. Both classes have been taking turns to bake their own pizza bread, of which I think all was eaten whilst still hot!
As well as that we have been playing lots of ‘Capture the Flag’, which has become very popular and is the reason why many children go home covered in face paint each day.
When we have had less time, or the weather hasn’t been as good, the kids have been learning to make different kinds of ‘scooby doos’… some have made 6 or 7 over the last couple of weeks.

4euA & 4euB
We have been baking scones from scratch with jam and whipped cream as part of the world on a plate activity. Each child had two, one to eat and one to take home, so many of the parents may have got to try their handiwork.
We have also been making scooby doos with a couple of different designs, which can be used as keyrings, hung on our bags or for many other things. When the weather has allowed, we have also been playing ‘jailbreak’ outside.

5euA & 5euB
Year 5 made Pizza in the free time and have also had help in the science lessons.