Update on Native Speaker classroom work

Here is a brief summary of our in-class activities and projects during October 2013.

1euB have been making edible jewellery with liquorice laces, vegetarian fruit sweets, and fruit loops with Nina. 1euA have been building with Lego, playing games and reading lots of Stories with Judy.
Nigel has also been playing games in both classes, as well as accompanying kids to the library and helping them choose books.

Christine and Red have been doing Halloween Crafts this month, including toilet roll monsters for the younger children, as well as skull models and big origami spiders for the older ones.

In both year 3 classes this month the kids have been making origami bats, cats, mummies and pumpkins with Debby. We also made our own Halloween Piñatas from papier mache, painted them and them had fun breaking them on Halloween.

This kids in both year 4 classes have been working on the ‘world on a plate’ project with Nina. They made real crepes on a proper crepe griddle, and ate them with chocolate and chantilly cream. They also made chocolate fudge cupcakes which the children decorated for Halloween.
4euA did some Halloween origami with Debby and we also made Spider webs from sticks and wool.
4euB made pop-up Halloween cards with Heather.

Year 5 have been continuing with the pizza baguette project with Shane.

German Branch
Heather has been busy over in houses 2 & 3 this month…
In the Jül classes she has been talking about Halloween words and animals and colours, as well as playing lots of games in English. On Wednesdays and Thursdays with 4a and 5a she has been taking the kids out in groups of 4 for English games like ‘animal heads’ and ‘I packed my suitcase’. In 6a she has been taking the kids out and doing interviews with them getting them to tell me about their summer and their hobbies. Then I take them to the library. Debby is working in 3a together with Ms Wilson, and has been listening to kids read, playing Halloween bingo and singing songs.