Update on Native Speaker work for January

1euA / 1euB
Nigel has been doing story time in English for both classes and has been playing a lot outdoors. He has also been helping the kids with their ‘Art Gallery’ project.
Judy has been playing and reading with the kids in 1euA and helping them with various arts and crafts projects. At the end of the month she showed the kids how to make simple Kaleidoscopes and they started to create their own.

2euA / 2euB / 1euC
Unfortunately Christine has been away this month, but we will pleased to see her back after the holidays.
Jennifer very kindly covered in these classes for a couple of weeks this month and her and Red have been doing lots of arts and crafts with the kids as well as making the most of the mild weather and playing games outside.

3euA / 3euB
Debby and Charly have been making jewellery and keyrings with the kids in year 3 and moved onto making friendship bracelets too.
Apart from that, we have tried some quilling, made Kaleidoscopes and also had a go at making our own butter.

4euA / 4euB
4euA have been woodworking with Debby this month and made bird houses, Charly painted them together with the kids the following week. Charly also helped them finish off the robots they started with Debby before Christmas.
January was Scooby Doo time for Tracey in 4euB, they made key rings, bracelets and anything else they could thing of creating.

5euA / 5euB
Shane organised a kicker tournament in year 5 at the beginning of the month. He also did a ‘tacos in a bag’ project with kids from both classes.

German Branch
Heather has been busy on Fridays in the German branch.
In the comic club they made mod-rock monsters, comics a workshop in composition for the older kids.
In the afternoon, she has been doing workshops in house 2 including magnets, finger puppets and book making.

Tracey and Judy have also been continuing the play English with the JüL classes on Wednesday and Thursday and also been supporting 4a and 5a in the English lessons with Mr Campbell.
Nigel has taken over helping in 3a’s English lessons with Ms Wilson and Heather works with groups of students from 6a during Mrs Hesse-Davis’ lesson.