Update on Native Speaker work for March

1euA / 1euB
Nigel has been doing story time in English for both classes and has also been gardening and making pancakes with 1euB and making paper mache planets with 1euA.
Judy has been playing a lot of capture the flag and reading stories to the kids in 1euA.
Nina and 1euB made a fruit fondue with melted chocolate dipping sauce.

2euA / 2euB / 1euC
Christine created a Ninjago dragon project for the boys, and introduced her Victorian paper dolls and the real life love story of Victoria and Albert for the girls. The kids also had a visit from the rats, and made lots of origami outside, when the weather was fine.
Red has been doing a drawing project on Thursdays and reading with the kids, both in groups and individually, and well as playing some outdoor games.
Mike is new in year 1 and 2 and will be helping Christine with craft projects. He has also taken over the science club for year 1 on Monday afternoons.

3euA / 3euB
Year 3 have been playing a lot of Capture the flag again as the weather has been so good.
Debby also started the Easter Nests project, so we’ve been having lots of fun with Chocolate in the kitchen.
Debby and Charly got creative again with the kids this month and made felt monsters. The kids enjoyed sewing their own creations.
Charly also did a lot of drawing and origami too.

4euA / 4euB
4euA have also been making Easter nests with Debby. We melted chocolate, added cornflakes and decorated them with sugar eggs.
Sophie has playing outdoors and doing crafts with 4euB this month.
With Nina, both classes have been making their own gnocci with a home made tomato and basil sauce.

5euA / 5euB
Shane has been playing ‘capture the flag’ with both classes and also took groups of kids to the kitchen to make pizza baguettes.

Shane has been playing outdoors with 6euA in the free time on Tuesday afternoon.
Nina has been making gnocci with 6euB in the free time on Thursday afternoon

German Branch
Sophie has been spending time with the kids on Fridays in the Hort and has been doing lots of arts and crafts workshops.Workshops are always on Fridays from 12.30 – 14.00 in the Hort.

Sophie and Judy have been playing lots of vocabulary games during play English with the JüL classes on Wednesday and Thursday and they have continued to support 4a and 5a in the English lessons with Mr Campbell.

Charly is now helping in 3a’s English lessons with Ms Wilson and Sophie has been covering Heather working with groups of students from 6a during Mrs Hesse-Davis’ lesson.