Update on Native Speaker work for May

1euA / 1euB
Nigel has been doing story time in English for both classes and has also been gardening and playing outside.
Judy has been playing a lot of capture the flag and board games as well reading stories to the kids in 1euA.

2euA / 2euB / 1euC
Christine has done a Cinco de Mayo Piñata for all three classes, and has been doing the soap bubbles out front which I think everybody and their mother has seen!
Recipe to follow!
Mike has been playing outdoors in the good weather and has been doing various small projects in science club.

3euA / 3euB
Year 3 have been playing a lot of Capture the flag again as the weather has been so good.
Debby and Charly got creative again with the kids this month and made Greetings cards.
Charly then went on to experimenting with how to draw faces and did crafts with the children outside when it was sunny so
they could continue sewing, drawing or making jewellery.

4euA / 4euB
Tracey played board games and some of the kids got hooked on a game she brought back from America called Tenzi! She also did some crafts and had a create or design mix. Every week the kids had the choice to make or create something with magic noodles, stencils, scooby doo’s or window colours!

5euA / 5euB
Shane did Pizza Baguettes and Balloon Rockets with both year 5 classes as projects.
Shane has been playing outdoors with 6euA in the free time on Tuesday afternoon.
Nina did a tea time project with 6euB in the free time on Thursday afternoon
German Branch
Heather has been spending time with the kids on Fridays in the Hört and has been making stickers.

Native Speakers have helped in 2euA during the English teachers absence.
Tracey supported the sport lessons. Debby has helped in MT English and Art lessons and Charley has also done some extra projects in English with the class.